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The Benefits of using bin pull

What is Push/Pull Service?

Push/Pull or backyard service is a separate line item charge imposed by your trash collection provider to retrieve and return your trash bin. Push/Pull fees are also charged on green waste and recyclables. 

At Bin Pull, we specialize in reducing these costs for commercial and multi-unit properties, while still providing first-class customer service and support. Reduce your liability by letting our crew handle the moving of loaded bins to the curbside for pick up.

Let Bin Pull's professional and knowledgable staff handle the dirty work, while saving you money on a monthly basis. 


NEVER miss a trash pick up GUARANTEE!

 Million dollar insurance policy to protect your property as well as our crew. You have ZERO liability with  Bin Pull.

Our crews receive safety training, wear high visibility clothing  and protective gear while servicing your bins.

Trust and reliability you can count on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my bill? 

We accept Cash, Check or Money Order. To make payment arrangements please call customer service at (925) 246-7855.

Does Bin Pull offer an incentive program for new client referrals?

YES! A $100.00 credit will be posted to your account 30 days after service has been established with the new client. 

Do you charge a lock or a gate fee?

No! We handle every aspect of delivering your bin(s)  to the curb prior to your scheduled pick up time. Once the bins have been emptied, we place them back into their housing location and clean up any spilled debris. All inclusive for less than what you are currently spending.

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